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You should consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, changes, and expenses carefully before investing. A statutory and summary prospectus with this and other information is available on our website. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Short selling is an investment strategy utilized in CBLS, which involves the sale of securities borrowed from a third party. The short seller profits if the borrowed security’s price declines. If a shorted security increases in value, a higher price must be paid to buy the stock back to cover the short sale, resulting in a loss. CBLS may incur expenses related to short selling, including compensation, interest or dividends, and transaction costs payable to the security lender, whether the price of the shorted security increases or decreases. The amount CBLS could lose on a short sale is theoretically unlimited. Short selling also involves counterparty risk – the risk associated with the third-party ceasing operations or failing to sell the security back.

The Clough Capital ETFs are distributed by Vigilant Distributors, LLC.